Person holding flag behind their back. The flag is blowing in the wind.
Riverside Theatres Parramatta
1 – 10 March, 9am – 5pm

Unofficial: Peoples’ City Flag Designs

Adults Students
Free - No Ticket Required

How do you feel about your City Flag?  Do we have a peoples’ flag?  Who even knew?

This Unofficial: City Flag Design hoists an identity debate across Greater Sydney and asks “to whom are these ‘works on cloth’ relevant to today?”.

In hotspots around the planet City Flag design is shaking-up weathered old symbols with a minimal visual language. Some flags are loathed for their inaccessible and cluttered old-school compositions, others labelled as ‘dreadful’ among a critical design profession. However avante-garde designs distill pride of place and transcend their normally invisible municipal function to reach deeper into levels of community endearment.

Visit Riverside Theatres in Parramatta to see this very first round of designs towards a Sydney Peoples’ Flag.

What is the Peoples’ City Flag of Sydney, The Social Canvas Inc. Photo: Stefan Petrov, 2018.