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Fishburners Sydney Coworking Space
7 March, 8 – 10.30am

The Inclusivity Experiment

Adults Industry
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In 1808, Pellegrino Turri built the world’s first typewriter so his blind lover could write more legible love letters. Fast forward to 1972 when the internet was still nascent, Vint Cerf created the first incarnation of an email to communicate with his deaf wife. Behind some of the most prevalent inventions of our time has been a deep connection to design for unique user experiences.

We’re fast approaching new frontiers of technology, design systems and behavioural patterns that will shape our movement through the world. When design includes outlier experiences, it has the potential to be better for everyone; but when we ignore outliers we design in exclusion. So, how do we as designers, technologists and startup founders create products and services that have inclusion and diversity at the core of everything we do?

The Inclusivity Experiment is an industry-changing initiative to make ethical and inclusive design easier for everyone. Launched at Spark Festival 2018 with a series of lightning talks to illuminate the need for inclusive and diverse design practices. The next iteration of The Inclusivity Experiment aims to propel the conversation forward and provide practical steps designers, technologists and startup founders can take to ensure that people who are normally excluded from the design process are included, so that products, services and technologies are inclusive by design, not just intent. This event curated for the Sydney Design Festival will feature leading startups, ethicists, and design practitioners leading an interactive workshop that will walk you through an inclusive process for the design of products and services.

Image: The Inclusivity Experiment, Today.