Musicians playing in a group on a small stage
Powerhouse Museum
2 March, 2 – 4pm


Adults Industry Students
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In this workshop Dr Oliver Bown will introduce the Spiral artwork and explain how he has used Max for Live to create a musical installation that is constantly changing and that also sends commands over computer networks to different devices that play music in time with the artwork. He will demonstrate how you can use Max for Live in your Ableton projects to make your own musical systems that change and communicate with the outside world.

Ableton Certified Trainer and composer Dr Eve Klein will join Dr Bown to elaborate on Ableton Live tricks and techniques. Eve and Oliver recently collaborated on the sound design for the installation artwork Wave, made by media arts group Squidsoup in the UK. Wave consists of 500 networked audio visual devices and is another example of a “multiplicitous media” artwork.

This workshop is aimed at people with some experience of music production in Ableton Live, but will provide a beginner’s introduction to the Max for Live development environment. Participants will have the opportunity to seek advice about their own tracks and production techniques to the workshop presenters.

Bring your own laptop if you have Ableton Live or use the desktops provided.

Dr Oliver Bown

Dr Oliver Bown is a MAAS Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design, where he is co-director of the Interactive Media Lab. His research looks at new algorithms and technologies applied to the production and experience of music.

Spiral is a project by Dr Bown in collaboration with Tangents and the Interactive Media Lab at UNSW. It is a distributed musical installation, exploring the mechanical and performative nature of self-playing instruments. This work was inspired by the player pianos and piano roll production equipment from the Mastertouch Piano Roll Company, on display in the companion section of the exhibition, Mechanical Music Factory.

About Ableton Live and Max For Live

Ableton Live is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. It’s used by music producers, DJs and others in the music industry. Max For Live puts the vast creative potential of the Max development environment directly inside of Live. And for those who want to go further, it lets you customize devices, create your own from scratch, and explore another world of devices produced by the Max For Live community.