A group of people pointing to items on a table top with their fingers or a pen. The table has multiple papers on it as well as post-in notes and a document folder.
Redfern Town Hall
8 March, 10.30am – 3pm

Service Design Tools for Health

Adults Industry
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As data becomes the currency for transformation within health, how can we use service design to transform insights into ideas and importantly, into action. How to use design thinking to better understand user needs and ensure we are solving the right kinds of problems and delivering solutions that integrate within workflow and importantly improve outcomes for patients.

Tailored for those working within or passionate about health and social care, this workshop will provide an action packed interactive format of learning, by doing. You’ll hear real life stories from patients and providers and learn service design techniques to work through challenges and develop ideas for how to solve.

These will then be mocked up into lowfi prototypes and tested to then refine, define and present back to a group of health industry and design specialists, who will provide open feedback.

This ½ day workshop provides a taster of the more indepth service design workshops codesain delivers for clients and will not only be a great way to learn or improve your service design skills, but also how to apply them to the health and social service sector specifically, understanding the challenges of access to clinical environments, privacy and patient safety requirements.

Image courtesy of codesain