An image of the Rose Seidler House in the evening. The lights are on in the house which is glowing out of the windows.
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Rose Seidler House
9 March, 6 – 10pm

Seidler Screenings: Architecture, Film and Music

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Seidler Screenings are a new series of pop-up Modernist film events presented by Sydney Living Museums at the Rose Seidler House.

As dusk falls, the star in Australia’s Modernist architectural crown – Rose Seidler House will come alight, serving as the dramatic backdrop for the night’s heady mix of Modernist film and architecture, music and storytelling.

The evening will provide the rare opportunity for visitors to sidle up to an original Seidler building. Designed by Harry Seidler, it is one of the country’s finest examples of mid 20th-century modern domestic architecture. It will serve as the rich cultural setting for the program, providing audience access to his ground-breaking practice, which sought to provide affordable and accessible housing, exploration and honesty of materials and technologies, alongside user-centred and site-responsive design, which encouraged community-building. One of the world’s leading exponents of Modernism’s methodology and the country’s first architect to successfully express the principles of the Bauhaus, he was instrumental in broadening the national design discourse, providing an integrated dialogue between creative, interdisciplinary practice, access and inclusivity – all of which has manifest in the House itself.

Over the evening visitors can explore the House and its interiors with expert guides, and as the sun goes down experience a journey through the sights and sounds of 1950’s Modernist ideas presented by Jaimie Leonarder aka Jay Katz from the Mu Meson Archives.

The event will culminate in the Sydney premier of Columbus, a mesmerising, new feature film about Modernist Architecture, love and house museums by Korean-American film-maker Kogonada.


Image: Rose Seidler House, Sydney Living Museums. Photography © Justine Mackintosh.