A girl leaning over a garden bed of flowers. She has a hat on and is holding gardening equipment.
Ground Up, The University of Sydney Community Garden
8 March, 10am – 12pm

SEE like a BEE: Design for pollinators

Families Kids
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When a bee visits a flower, what is she looking for?

In this family friendly, hands-on workshop, we will explore the diversity of flowers in the community garden before designing and making our own artificial flowers to attract insect pollinators. We will learn to ‘see like a bee’; exploring colour, shape, size, nectar, pollen and UV reflectance in the garden. We will then discuss how we could use our flower creations in ecological experiments to test our theories on what attracts bees and other pollinators. As citizen scientists and artists, we will be helping to better design our urban greenspaces to suit the bees’ KneeDs! Our creations will also contribute to a collaborative pollinator garden installation.

This workshop aims to make the scientific design process accessible for all.  ‘Science’ is often seen as something that only experts in white lab coats with a tertiary education can do. This workshop challenges this idea and invites people of diverse ages and backgrounds to contribute creatively to ecological experimental design. Through this practise, we can all BEE Scientists.

This workshop is designed for children aged 5 years + and their accompanying guardians.
However, all are welcome to join!

Workshop facilitator Bio
Amelie Vanderstock is a PhD candidate in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about native bees, creative science communication and the power of co-creating science to build community. She became an insect ecologist because she never lost her wonder at the amazing world of insects and their fascinating lives. Her dream is to share this wonder in creative, participatory ways with the broader community- because we are all scientists!

Image: Ember the Ecologist, Amelie Vanderstock, 2018.