A park with a water body running between two hills covered in a range of different types of trees.
Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre
4 March, 10am – 1pm

Person Centred Design in Parramatta

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Take a journey through time, to discover the rich history of person-centred design in Parramatta. On this time-travelling tour participants will encounter, within the Cumberland Hospital site, spaces and objects created to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the Darug, Parramatta’s first people and the traditional custodians of this land more than 30 thousand years.

From the scar trees within the Cumberland Hospital site, used for the traditional nawi (Aboriginal canoes) participants will learn about traditional foods and plants, and how accessibility has shaped the design of modern multicultural Paramatta. The walking tour then takes participants through to glimpses of the current 40 year old hospital building which led the way for hospital design at the time. Looking to the future, participants will then preview the brand-new prototype rooms at the redevelopment site of Westmead, where you will see how design has changed over time to meet the diverse health needs of the people who live, learn, research and work in Western Sydney.

Westmead’s prototype rooms incorporate the use of Virtual Reality headsets as well as physical objects familiar in any hospital setting, so designers can ensure the needs of patients, clinicians, parents and carers are evaluated in a functioning environment. Before the designs are incorporated into the new acute services building, they can be tested for functionality, accessibility and inclusivity for all users of the space.Working with their partners, Westmead Hospital Foundation & Parramatta Heritage Centre are examining ways in which theybcan incorporate the essence of Darug culture into the Arts and Culture strategy across the Westmead site.

Image: Parramatta Park, City of Parramatta Council.