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PCAI Studio & Gallery
3, 10 March, 10am – 5pm

Parramatta Clay Workshop Series

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Join Parramatta Clay and Arts Incorporated (PCAI) for a series of exciting hands-on workshops during the Sydney Design Festival.

MINI CLAY GARDENS: 3rd March, 10am-12pm. 

This workshop is designed for children who would like to create their own miniature clay farm for growing succulents or herbs.

The miniature garden will be designed to contain 3 growing chambers with drainage holes.

Using red terracotta, the pots will also be decorated with white slips, and garden sprigs depicting insects and butterflies. The gardens will be dried, bisque and glaze firing  and ready for collection in 3 weeks


FLATWARE CERAMICS: 3rd March, 2pm-5pm

Flatware vases and vessels are popular because they are both functional forms as well as beautiful. Many examples of these include standing and wall vases for both interior and exterior use.

In this workshop you will learn how to design, embellish and cut slabs of clay in order to create the form.

The surface decoration of the form can be incised, cut, embellished further with the additions of clay strips and sprigs. Finally you will have the opportunity to colour and or draw on your flatware using paint on slips and oxides.

The work will then be dried, bisque fired and finally put through a glaze firing.

Your piece will be ready to collect in approximately 20 days .


HAIRY POTS: 10th March, 10am-12pm

The concept of this workshop is for children to design a fun animal or monster form with hair a soil containing chamber where cress, alfalfa or other herbs can be planted.

The planter design will need to consider space form and function will be to hold the soil for the plant to thrive.  The piece will be humorous and will add the dimension of function once the plant can be trimmed it will to come to life providing an aesthetically pleasing hairdo which is also edible!

The pots will be coloured if time permits using slips, then bisque fired and clear glazed.

They will be ready to collect in approximately 3 weeks from time of workshop.



This workshop will engage participants in designing and decorating  a clay slab form which can is used as a serving dish and is completely food safe.

Initially the clay is rolled flat. Using a range of coloured clays, participants will create a colourful design application by shaping, coiling and adding pieces of coloured clay to a white clay body. Once the design is formulated, the small pieces of coloured clays are rolled / imbedded flat into the clay slab. The final form of the dish will be shaped using props of clay. at this point extra clay slabs for handles or lugs can be added to the form.

The piece is then dried ready for bisque firing and finally a clear glaze is applied and the piece is refired, ready to collect in 3 weeks.

Image courtesy of PCAI Studio & Gallery