Cartoon of anthropomorphize planet with mobile phone in hand and wheeling luggage bag
Craig Walker
7 March, 6 – 8pm

Mobile lifestyles of the near future

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What is the individual, social and environmental toll of our ever-increasing mobility?

Craig Walker hosts a playful open studio to gather perspectives on mobile lifestyles of the imminent future through three lenses of experience; individual, social and environmental. We will hear first-hand stories of living, working and designing for mobile populations including Nicholas Rich (Kirketon Road Centre), Teue Collier (Hearts Above the Sea), and Peter Wildman (Media Artist). Each will explore how our access to services, communities and environments is affected when our lives are not fixed to place.

We invite you to participate in this exploration of increasingly mobile ways of living; hear stories on the impacts of mobile lifestyles and contribute to our gallery for transient living. Together, we will listen, make and respond to first-hand experiences of maintaining and creating community in the face of changing attitudes to transience. Our gathered perspectives will form briefs for change to work towards ensuring future generations of mobile Australians have access to key social, economic and government services.

As designers of experiences, products and services we are continually reminded that access to key Australian services is dependant on people proving they are fixed to place. If we are not fixed, we are excluded. Yet Australians are increasingly unfixed, mobile not just as a digital technology but as a way of living.

From grey to digital nomads, contingent workforces and climate crisis, we believe these movements towards mobility are an opportunity for designers to remove systemic forms of exclusion, by design.

Image courtesy of Craig Walker