Small chocolate blocks laid out on a pink backdrop
Event Talk
The Hearth, Wilkinson Building, School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney
6 March, 6 – 7.30pm

Making census data delicious

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The world is inundated with data, and we rely on our visual cortex to interpret and extract useful information. The other four senses, especially taste, smell, and touch, are under-utilised and often denied access to the wealth of the information age.

Founder Jack Zhao of Australia’s leading data visualisation studio Small Multiples, and Jen Lo, Creative Director of artisan chocolatier Bakedown Cakery, will explore the use of multi-sensory mediums as a means of communicating complex data. They will be providing examples from ‘Not a Single Origin’, a design project that challenged the status quo, by transforming population census data to delicious chocolates.

‘Not a Single Origin’ aimed to promote public awareness around the demographic diversity in Sydney. Combining code and confectionery, Small Multiples and Bakedown Cakery used experimental 3D printing techniques to embed population data and maps of each suburb on their respective chocolate, literally bringing the streets to your taste buds.

Jack Zhao and Jen Lo will also discuss what’s next in their sensory exploration quest, with interactive and delicious surprises as the team begins to experiment with human speech.

Image courtesy of Small Multiples