Close up image of lined up lego bricks in a variety of colours
St Peters/Sydenham Library
2 March, 10.30am – 12pm

LEGO date for designers

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We all rely on the built environment to live and work, and yet the practice of ableism is one of the most overlooked areas of urban design disciplines, and a hurdle to innovation.

Using LEGO bricks, this hands-on workshop explores access, design, inclusion and equity. Through a collaborative approach that encourages creativity, participants will increase their base knowledge in order to view design through a wider lens.

Via the casual co-creating of replica built environments, this program will explore design thinking to enable better decisions that can be transferred to real world projects.

Facilitator: Megan Taylor

Megan has a strong and varied background in advocating for, consulting on, creating and implementing products, platforms and programs for people living with disability, and marginalised and vulnerable populations. Her years of participating in the forefront of integration and inclusion of people with disability, along with her extensive behind the scenes work in research, education and the application of inclusive design principles across multiple mediums, environments and sectors, both public and private, have made her a sought after subject matter expert. Megan’s insider knowledge and access to the disability community provides much more than a textbook, theoretical or intellectual approach to inclusive design principles and the implications and inferences therein. Her ability to foresee and intercept the often unanticipated consequences of design, structure and placement, and the potential problems they may inadvertently cause stakeholders with diverse needs, will help mitigate some of the issues faced in the process of implementing inclusion strategies into any framework.

Image: Lego Bricks, Photography by Ekaterina Minaeva