Cropped photographic shot over minimal urban environment
Koskela Gallery
2 – 10 March, 10am – 4pm

Jon Setter: The Urban Text

Free - No Ticket Required

The series of photographic works, entitled ‘The Urban Text’, are part of Jon Setter’s ongoing project that explores the normally unnoticed or ignored aspects within urban environments. This project originates from the concept that today, most cities and urban spaces have become more chaotic, condensed and overbearing. At the same time the constant stream of imagery and media shared online has seemed to dictate what is worthy to witness. This raises the question: What might people be overlooking in the spaces they occupy, and does that effect how we consciously understand and experience place?

While wandering through a space, Jon focuses on its seemingly mundane and everyday structures. He utilises the camera to precisely organise their formal characteristics such as texture, colour and material. Through this process, along with employing a strong sense of light, vibrant and highly geometric abstract compositions are created that at first glance may not even appear architectural or represent any one specific place. The works invite audiences to slow down and take a closer look at their surroundings and reveal how the most vernacular elements of a place can have a role in the way it is understood and represented.

Image: Purple with Black, White and Blue (detail), Jon Setter.