Women looking through telescope looking out onto a setting sun over Sydney harbor at the Sydney Observatory
Event Workshop
Sydney Observatory
8 March, 9.30am – 2.15pm

International Women’s Day at Sydney Observatory


Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 at Sydney Observatory with a day that champions the intersection of design and science. With an exciting program of talks and workshops, young female leaders will help learners from Stage 5 and 6 strive for balance in the working world of careers in STEAM. 
Our mentors will take learners on a day-long journey of coding, virtual reality collaborative problem solving, real data analysis, Indigenous astronomy, robotics, and of course telescope viewing and a session under the stars of the digital planetarium. A session on STEAM careers with a budding science and arts major will also be included where learners can probe and discuss academic life after school as experienced by a team of young female leaders.

Image courtesy of MAAS