3 hands collaboratively drawing together on the same large sheet of paper
National Art School
2 March, 10am – 12.30pm

Handmade Drawing Tools

Families Kids
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Learn all about the ‘readymade’ to transform ordinary and discarded materials and objects to create your artworks. Incorporate simple construction techniques to reimagine these materials and objects for a new aesthetic or functional purpose. Get creative with materials, meet new people and problem-solve to design new images and objects!

Tailored for young people and families, this workshop will focus on how to make your own drawing implements from found natural materials.

Learn how to make your own drawing implements from found natural materials. Loosen up with gestural drawing exercises to rediscover drawing in a creative and supportive studio environment. Gather natural materials from the NAS campus to create your own brushes and draw from an array of found objects in the Drawing Department’s collection. Work collaboratively and in ink to create a series of interesting large scale drawings that can be reworked into smaller objects and books to take home.

The National Art School is one of the leading visual arts tertiary institutions in Australia. Within the grounds of the historic Darlinghurst Gaol, you’re invited to access the world of art and design through a series of practical art making workshops.

Image courtesy of The National Art School