Two children playing in the lab gallery with a floor projection
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
8 March, 9am – 4pm

Designing Learning: MAAS Research Symposium

Industry Teachers
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Taking the Sydney Design Festival’s theme of Accessing Design as a stimulus, this research symposium will discuss features and techniques that optimise learning in informal and formal learning spaces. The symposium will present the latest research from diverse perspectives and engage all participants in lively and active debate and conversation by bringing together a forum of thought-leaders and experts from design, architecture and education, as well as those involved in the Australian Research Council funded Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) project. Over one day, through a rich series of talks, an education lab and practitioner’ insights, we will examine the spatial, ideological and pedagogic strategies of various flexible learning spaces.

We will ask: what factors are key to optimise learning within formal and informal settings? How will learning space design enable public access of the MAAS collection and expertise for the next 50 years? How might human-centred design support the future-proofing in public spaces designed for public engagement and learning?

Please download the full program here: MAAS-2019-Research-Symposium-Schedule

Image courtesy of MAAS