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The Studio
3 March, 10am – 2pm

Designing in Diversity

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The next few decades will see shifts in the global economy from the US and Europe to Asia and emerging countries. Countries in the Asia Pacific region China, India, Indonesia are entwined in politics which construct deficit discourses around minorities, migrants, refugees and internationals. Advancements in AI and machine learning have unintentionally embedded biases from the past into products, services and experiences.

  • What does it mean to be a creative practitioner in today’s global economy?
  • How do we avoid the mistakes and limitations of the past in the design and technology of the future?
  • What are designers’ roles and responsibilities in developing products, services and experiences that equalise existing disåparities?

This workshop invites members of Sydney’s communities and beyond to join us to shape and reauthor the future through collective visioning and futuring. In this workshop, we challenge existing notions of colonisation, power and privilege to explore new narratives and possible futures, toward an unbiased and inclusive society.

  • What does a thriving pluralist and diverse society look like in 2030?
  • What might we think, feel and do when a diversity of people of thought, race, gender, class and ability have access and agency?
  • What are the considerations when designing for diversity?

In this interactive workshop, guest speakers with diverse lived experience will share their perspectives and insights. This workshop is for participants who would like to deepen their understanding of the issues, concerns and considerations in designing for diversity, are interested in design methods for change and co-creation or would like to make a difference in diversity and inclusion agendas. The future is not fixed. Come join us in co-creating to vision and create a collective artefact from the future.

Places are limited so register early to avoid missing out.
Morning tea and lunch will be provided. All proceeds will be donated to the Australian Conservation Foundation

The workshop is hosted by Diversify Amplify! & Insightful

Vivien Sung Founder, Diversify Amplify
Vivien Sung is a strategic design facilitator working at the intersection of design, culture and leadership building design capability, collective and cultural intelligence to address complex societal problems in the areas of health, ageing, diversity and inclusion. Dedicated to rethinking current practices to create positive futures, she has taught extensively at UTS DAB School of Design, UNSW Art & Design and UTS Insearch in the areas of design, creative leadership and entrepreneurship. With a degree in Visual Communication, she is founder of Diversify Amplify! focused on developing inclusive and self-aware individuals and leaders who harness diversity of gender, race and thought to create more innovative organisations and an equitable world; and FutureAging Lab, an interdisciplinary design global studio program.

Imogen Yang Founder, Insightful
Imogen Yang is a freelance consultant with over 22 years experience in arts management and collaborative project delivery; intercultural and inclusive arts practice; and a wide range of experience working in diverse cultural and community contexts, the NFP and government sectors. She founded Insightful in 2008, focusing on social justice, health equity and human rights initiatives, and enhancing access to arts, culture and media for people with disability. Developing access, inclusion and diversity outcomes in policy, programming and governance, and facilitating cross-sector collaborations with people with diverse lived experience to promote understanding and exchange with broader audiences are an enduring professional commitment.

Guest speakers

Blak Douglas Visual and Performing Artist
Blak Douglas is a visual and performing artist, born Adam Douglas Hill in Blacktown to a Koori Father and Caucasian Mother. Originally trained in illustration & photography, observing a family of artisans, became self–practiced in painting with a style influenced by the study of Graphic Design & devoutly politicised per social justice. Works collected by AAMU (Utrecht), NGA, NMA, NMM, Town Hall Collection, Taipei Museum & Regional Councils. A successive finalist in the Telstra National Indigenous Art Award, the Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize, The Wynne Prize and twice Archibald Prize finalist.

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Image: Plurality, Vivien Sung