ustwo Sydney
7 March, 6.30 – 8pm

Designing for the Senses

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How can design engage the senses to create a richer and more compelling experience?

As part of Sydney Design Festival 2019, ustwo will unpack how we can design multi-sensory experiences that not only result in a more inclusive world but one that is infinitely more beautiful and engaging for all.


Jessica Grauds, Apple Initiatives: Accessibility & Learning

Jessica will speak about the role technology, and UI design is playing in creating a more inclusive world and its potential to fundamentally change the mobility, employment and lifestyle of the blind and vision-impaired.


Bec Lourey & Nina Drakalovic, ustwo

How can we help the visually impaired experience art in a more accessible and enjoyable way? Bec and Nina will look at how designers are thinking beyond the screen and engaging the senses to overcome some of the challenges for the visually impaired in experiencing art, and how designing for accessibility inspires us to develop more creative solutions.


Steve Pozel, Curious Collective

Steve works with major art institutions around the world, including AGNSW, Sydney Opera House and National Gallery, London, and he will speak about his work developing the pioneering interpretative programs, Art in Mind and Coming to our Senses, which engage artworks and music through contemplative inquiry and mindfulness techniques.


Doors open at 6:30pm for drinks and nibbles.

Illustration by Bec Lourey, 2019