limited design use in clinical applications
The George Institute
5 March, 4 – 7pm

Can Design fuel the future innovation economy?

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Every year the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council, alongside a myriad of other grants and programs fund our smartest and brightest to research new innovations in the health and medical industry that will help to improve the lives of not only Australians but our fellow global citizens.

Australia is renowned for being an innovation nation – we are great at coming up with ideas, but not so good at executing them. Could design be the missing ingredient?

This panel discussion looks at the current state of research funding in health and medical innovation and the opportunity design could provide in accelerating research outcomes to that drives growth for our economy, outcomes for patients and delivers improved tools and services for our health workforce. What happens when design is embedded into the development of these ideas from day one and does this accelerate our ability to transform great ideas, into evidenced based solutions that not only make the world a better place but do so in a way that creates an economic growth opportunity for Australian businesses.

This panel will feature leading experts from both private and public sector including, former EGM for Innovation and Design ADHA, The George Institute, ANDHealth, Austrade and Frost Collective and will be moderated by Innovation Aus. publisher Corrie McLeod.

Image courtesy of codesain