Two people walking through an installation made from circular connected loops
Powerhouse Museum
10 March, 3 – 5pm

Archilace: Loop.pH workshop

Adults Students
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Join us to close the Sydney Design Festival for drink and a hands-on collaborative workshop with festival highlight keynote speaker Rachel Wingfield.

Led by Rachel, the workshop will be a practical hands-on session exploring new modes of fabricating architecture using principles from biology and agent-based behaviour. It uses Archilace, a structural technique based on lacemaking developed by Loop.pH since 2003. Composite fibres are woven into complex geometries based on carbon nano-science to create strong, lightweight and flexible adaptive structures.

Constructing Archilace structures is a collaborative process for designers, architects and citizens to intervene and hack the built environment based on the needs of the local community. The approach recognises architecture as an emergent process in a state of constant renewal.

All materials provided and a celebratory drink included in ticket price!