The 2019 Sydney Design Festival will take place from March 1-10. The Festival provides visitors with an opportunity to unpack design in all its forms – to understand and explore the processes, functions and narratives within design enterprise and to be inspired by the exhibitions and people involved in creating our futures.

The festival aims to:

  •  make design accessible and engaging to new audiences
  • showcase work of designers, both emerging and established
  • tackle design challenges and the future of design
  • be inclusive, representative and cross-disciplinary
  • champion process and experimentation, exploring the in-between and collaborative nature of design


ACCESSING DESIGN seeks to promote responsive design that gives voice to diverse Sydney communities, and asks designers to broaden the definition of design and expand the dialogue between creative practice, access and inclusivity. ACCESSING DESIGN looks at various concerns including geography, race, gender, and socioeconomic issues. The Festival continues its commitment to Sydney-wide growth, looking beyond the central and established design districts, bringing visibility to new and emerging design areas across greater Sydney.

With an emphasis on the democratisation of design, the Sydney Design Festival is seeking a broad representation and involvement from both established and emerging design practitioners and interdisciplinary creative practices. ACCESSING DESIGN asks the design community to question and contemplate their creative practice:

  • Who are they designing for and how can audiences access this?
  • What is the role of design in creating a more accessible world? How can we all be more open and inclusive with our approach to design?


Vincent Aiello (Platform Strategy Asia/Broached Commissions), Tonka Andjelkovic (Design Institute of Australia), Catriona Burgess (Frost), Anthony Burke (University of Technology), Lisa Cahill (Australian Design Centre), Kimberly Crofts (MELD Studios)Tom Fereday (Tom Fereday Design)Brandon Gien (Good Design Australia),  Tim Horton (Commissioner, Land and Environment Court of NSW), Joanne Jakovich (SOUP – Strategic Open Urban Platform),  Kobe Johns (Factory Design District/JP Finsbury Bespoke Joiners), Mark Ian Jones (University of New South Wales Art & Design), Matt Lorrain (SP01 Design), David Mansueto (Design + Industry), Nicole Monks (BlackandWhite Creative), Sarah-Jane Pyke (Arent&Pyke), Liane Rossler (SuperLocalStudio), Katrina Sandbach (Western Sydney University), Sasha Titchkosky (Koskela),  Stephen Todd (Design Editor for the Australian Financial Review + Life&Leisure), Simon Ward (ustwo).

Curated and produced by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS).