02 — 11

I'm Looking For


A graphic with a white background with five objects distributed around the frame. On the top left is a circular, three-legged table and a small woven basket. In the bottom left is a landscape photo of a sandy location and a man-made structure running through the centre with trees in the background. In the middle of the frame is a curved, metal artwork. On the top right of the frame is a photograph of a brown, muddy, desolate landscape with waste spewing out of a pipe on the right and a woman crouched down in front of a puddle of muddy waste on the left. In the bottom left corner of the frame is a tall brown empty vase next to a vase half the size.
2–11 March, 10am–5pm

Common Good

Common Good surveys contemporary design from the Asia Pacific region. Exploring design-led responses to social, ethical and environment challenges.

Artistic collage of a mouth, eating a grasshopper and cow, with a pair of chopsticks.
2–11 March, 6–9pm


This year's Festival HQ is the Powerhouse Museum. Open late every night of the festival, drop in and check out the new design exhibition Common Good.

11 March, 6–7pm


Join us at the Powerhouse Museum for a discussion with TRIAS architecture firm - the first MAAS Architectural Commission winners.

A black and white image of a prison corridor
2, 8, 9, 11 March, 10am–4pm

Liberation Prison Project

An exhibition of artworks made by people in prison from Australia and around the world, from 1996 until present.

An image of two men outdoors, one in high-visibility workwear and another in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. The two men are in the foreground standing on either side of a pile of steel posts, with the man in jeans bending over as if to lift them. In the background is an arid junkyard strewn with metal.
2–11 March, 8am–10pm

Designing Justice

This exhibition examines the complexities of how designers, communities and the Justice system can collaborate to create better outcomes for society.

A digital camera with many attachments suited for filming fills the centre and left of the frame, with the lens facing the front. Two people are gathered close together behind the camera, looking through the viewfinder.
11 March, 11am–12.30pm

Australia by Design LIVE

Meet the team behind Australia by Design as they uncover the best local design and forecast what the future holds for Australian design.

11 March, 9am–11.59pm

100in1day Sydney 2018

For one day during Sydney Design Festival, experiment with 100 ideas that will have an impact on Sydney and its people.

6–11 March, 10am–5pm

Intertidal – Carol Hudson

Intertidal is a solo exhibition by Sydney artist Carol Hudson exploring the beach, people and nature.