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A graphic with a white background with five objects distributed around the frame. On the top left is a circular, three-legged table and a small woven basket. In the bottom left is a landscape photo of a sandy location and a man-made structure running through the centre with trees in the background. In the middle of the frame is a curved, metal artwork. On the top right of the frame is a photograph of a brown, muddy, desolate landscape with waste spewing out of a pipe on the right and a woman crouched down in front of a puddle of muddy waste on the left. In the bottom left corner of the frame is a tall brown empty vase next to a vase half the size.
2–11 March, 10am–5pm

Common Good

Common Good surveys contemporary design from the Asia Pacific region. Exploring design-led responses to social, ethical and environment challenges.

2 March, 7.30–8.30pm

Pamm Hong: Watermelon Sugar

Hear Pamm Hong discuss her new work, Watermelon Sugar, and how she unifies art, science and technology.

Comedian Tim Ross stands next to an iconic Australian coffee maker and holds a paper cup.
9–10 March, 7.30–8.30pm

Tim Ross on Design Nation

Comedian and design nerd Tim Ross examines the fascinating stories behind invisible icons of Australian design.

A wooden building with projecting cubic faces with ceiling to floor and wall to wall windows.

Join us for a keynote presentation by Zhang Ke, founder of ZAO/standardarchitecture 标准营造 and the launch of Common Good.

8 March, 6–9pm

MAASive Lates

Explore the Powerhouse after hours for FREE and experience the Museum in a whole new light.