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6 August, 6.30pm - 8pm


Adult: $20
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International Keynote Lectures


the Powerhouse Museum

Serious damage to buildings in central Christchurch following the 22 February 2011 earthquake
Serious damage to buildings in central Christchurch following the 22 February 2011 earthquake

Join two eminent architects as they discuss how designers can strengthen cities and cultures.

Maintaining the spirit of togetherness: Eko Prawoto
Eko Prawoto, architect and artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia discusses his rich architectural and visual art practice and his role in the reconstruction of the villages of Ngibikan and Botokenceng after the 2006 earthquake. The very deep concern Eko holds for maintaining the traditions of Indonesian architecture and culture influenced his design which was short-listed for the Aga Khan award in 2010. Follow his search for balance between old and new traditions and his thoughts on a sustainable practice.

When disaster strikes opportunity knocks: David Sheppard
New Zealand architect, and current President of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, David Sheppard discusses the vital role architects can play in the recovery of Christchurch, a city devastated by earthquakes. Trace how the architects of Christchurch have assisted in the city’s physical recovery and the designing of its future form. David Sheppard played a major role in the recovery of Christchurch and was a member of the team producing the blueprint plan for the central area.

Image caption: Serious damage to buildings in central Christchurch following the 22 February 2011 earthquake

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Eko Prawoto, Ngibikan village reconstruction, 2006
Re Start Mall in central Christchurch
Eko Prawoto, Music studio
David Sheppard
Eko Prawoto
Eko Prawoto, Jeannie-Lantip House
Eko Prawoto, Jaduk House
Eko Prawoto, interior of music studio
Eko Prawoto, installation
Eko Prawoto, installation
David Sheppard: New three storey office building using steel and concrete on raft slab, Central Christchurch, 2013
David Sheppard: Burwood Hospital, new reception building, 2002
David Sheppard: New three storey office building using timber technology central Christchurch, 2013

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