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8 August, 6.30pm - 8.00pm


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Hypothetical: Can Clever Design Save the World?


the Powerhouse Museum

Hollie Baigent: Vacci Pak
Vacci Pak

Journey through the pleasures and pitfalls of socially responsible design with an eminent panel of designers, business and industry experts, facilitated by Nell Schofield. Can design transform, replenish and restore the well-being of our world to create a cleaner, more beautiful and more functional society?  Join us for an invigorating and entertaining evening of insights and revelations.

Nell Schofield: is a documentary maker, television writer, on-air presenter and film reviewer.

Hollie Baigent: is a University of NSW, 2012 Industrial Design graduate. Her project Vacci Pak recently won the EYE50 competition at the 2013 C2-MTL conference in Montreal.

Roy Green: is the dean of the Business School at the University of Technology, Sydney. Roy has published widely in the areas of innovation policy and management.

Tamsin O’Neill: is the co-founder and editor of green and Treadlie magazine and has been photographing and writing about architecture for 25 years.

Eko Prawoto: is a visual artist and chief architect at Eko Prawoto Architecture Workshop in Jogyakarta with a deep concern for rooting his contemporary practice in traditional Indonesian culture.

Paul Pholeros: is one of three directors of Healthabitat. Paul has worked to improve the living environment and health of Indigenous people through Housing for Health projects.

David Sheppard: is the president of the New Zealand Institute of Architects and resident in Christchurch. David played a major role in the recovery of that city and was a member of the team producing the blueprint plan.

Professor Veena Sahajwalla: is a director for the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology (SMaRT@UNSW). Veena was also a panellist judge for the ABC program The New Inventors.


Image caption: Hollie Baigent: Vacci Pak

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Hollie Baigent
Roy Green, 2011
Tamsin O’Neill
Eko Prawoto
Paul Pholeros
David Sheppard
Veena Sahajwalla
Nell Schofield

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