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367 George Street, Sydney


13 August, 6pm - 7pm



Design Education Online


Virtu Design Institute

Professor Ron Newman
Professor Ron Newman

Share insights into teaching design through an online or blended education platform at the Apple Store. Drawing from their experience Ron Newman, Karin Thiele Watson and Rick Bennett discuss how technology can be used in an intuitive way to engage students to create better designs for the future.

Professor Ron Newman began as a professional industrial designer joining the ranks of academia in 1992 at the College of Fine Arts (COFA) UNSW and later Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney. Professor Newman is the founder of online educator; Virtu Design Institute.

Associate Professor Rick Bennett studied Visual Arts in the UK and worked for many years in the film and television industry before travelling to Australia and joining COFA in 1991. Having witnessed the rise of the Internet throughout the 1990s, Rick formed Omnium research group to investigate how creative people could collaborate across distance. Following over a decade of research and development in online learning and teaching, Omnium is now a powerful and innovative software tool for schools, colleges and individual students worldwide.

Karin Thiele Watson is an architect that has worked and studied in South Africa, London and Sydney. Karin has extensive teaching experience over the last decade at COFA and the Faculty of Built Environment (UNSW) and has become a highly accomplished online and blended learning teacher in areas of design. Karin writes about online pedagogy and was recently awarded the international MERLOT Classic Award in the USA for an Australian government funded project called ‘Learning to Teach Online.

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Associate Professor Rick Bennett
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