Sydney Design


Can design save the world? Find out at Sydney Design 2013, presented by the Powerhouse Museum. Enjoy more than 75 inspiring exhibitions, workshops, talks, installations and tours in a city-wide program set to stimulate conversation and creativity.

Design re:think – can clever design save the world?
Can design transform the well-being of our world to create a cleaner, more beautiful and more functional society? If design is ‘intelligence made visible’ how can designers re-think things to enhance our planet and its people?

What do we do when economic realities collide with a fragile earth? What are the issues facing our world today and how can designers create real change? Can designers show us that profit is not the only consideration?

What constitutes ‘liveable’ today? Can we design practical systems and enriching environments where people are more engaged? Can design lead to sustainable growth and celebrate the rights of individuals and communities?

This is the challenge we set the Sydney design community because we believe that design for the future, more so than at any other time in our history, has the power to be truly transformative.

Sydney Design – a brief history
Sydney Design is one of the few design festivals in the world produced and managed by a Museum.

From its modest beginnings in 1997 to an international focus in 2002 with the launch of the first ever retrospective of the work of designer Marc Newson, Sydney Design has always been about design impacting on everyday life and culture and that good design is an elusive and controversial commodity.

Featured participants have included luminaries such as Renny Ramakers, Shigeru Ban, Ron Arad, Richard Seymour, Sam Buxton, Ross Lovegrove, Paul Simmons, Matali Crasset, Joel Gethin Lewis, Birgit Lohmann, Giovanna Castiglioni and Valerie Steele.

Sydney Design would not be possible without a large team of people across the Museum and without the enthusiasm and passion of the Sydney design community.

The Sydney Design Team:
Lily Katakouzinos, Manager, Contemporary Programs
Athalie Moedjoko, Producer, Contemporary Programs (citywide programs)
Helen Nicholson, Producer, Contemporary Programs
Rita Orsini, Producer, Contemporary Programs (citywide programs)
Deborah Vaughan, Producer, Contemporary Programs (Powerhouse Museum programs)
Rita Bila, Producer, Contemporary Programs (social media)
Paul Donnelly, Curator, Design & Society
Rebecca Bushby, Exhibition Manager
Melanie Morris, Manager, Marketing & Communications
Justine Knapp, Corporate Development Coordinator
Hayley Gallant, Marketing
Emma Heath, Public Relations
Kathleen Evesson, Direct Marketing
Karen Riviera, Evaluation and Audience Research
Kaho Cheung, Online Application Developer
Luke Dearnley, Manager, Web & Social Technologies
Jason Gee, Senior Online Producer

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