Design-led Solutions to Wicked Problems
Design-led Solutions to Wicked Problems

Tuesday 9 August 5:30 for 6pm start

Powerhouse Museum

Lisa Cahill

02 9368 1900

Climate change, urban design, health policy, immigration… these are just some of the major national issues that should be addressed by design-led solutions. This event encourages participants to use design-thinking techniques to interrogate these problems and discuss possible solutions. Organised by the Australian Design Alliance (AdA), this group represents the design sector in consultations with the Federal Government on a national design policy for Australia. The ADA will demonstrate how designers can help change the world with economically sustainable solutions to big-picture policy issues. While international governments see design as critical to solving economic and social problems, Australia is just beginning to sit up and take notice of the contribution its designers have to make across the policy spectrum. This event is for everyone with ideas about how design can make a difference to Australia’s future.

Chair: Lisa Cahill, Program Manager, Australian Design Alliance.

Presenters: Paul Pholeros, Lauren Tan and Marie O’Mahony.

This event is supported by the Powerhouse Museum.

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