Collaboration in Experimental Design Research Symposium
Collaboration in Experimental Design Research Symposium

Friday 5 August 1 – 5pm, 6 August Saturday 10am – 5pm

COFA Lecture theatre EG02
02 9385 0627

The Collaboration in Experimental Design Research Symposium maps out a broad range of perspectives on design collaboration in the global socio-economic contexts of the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. Emerging issues of design collaboration include: design in indigenous cultures; scientific developments in design materials and process; historical design models for global collaboration; complex data visualisation in the global context; and, the social consequences of new technologies.

Over the last ten years international collaboration in practice based research in design, craft, and visual art and producers and manufacturers in various social contexts across the globe has accelerated, yet little focused reflection has emerged on the topic. As a result, theories of collaboration remain implicit, relying on tacit and indirect knowledge of the interdependencies and complexities that can arise in design collaboration. Further, studio based practitioner insights about the changing parameters influencing collaboration are elided in design scholarship. One factor that contributes to the difficulties in reflecting on collaboration is the multiple variations in which collaboration is shaped. Similarly, the ethical implications of overlooking assumptions regarding cultural conventions are rarely elaborated.

Symposium Themes:
*Intermixes of collaboration: the emergence of collaboration as a social phenomenon.

*What implicit conventions guide collaboration between designers, artisans, artists, manufacturers, and distributors?

*Theorising the complexities of contemporary making, making and manufacturing and parameters of globalised collaboration.

*What are the parameters and constraints, and opportunities and dangers for future design collaborations?

*News from the frontline: collaborative relationships between design and conventional and emerging fields.

*What are the implications of recent design collaborations?

Symposium Organised by RED Objects, Research in Experimental Design Objects, School of Design Studies, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney

The call for abstracts has been extended to 11 July. Registration for the symposium here.


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