Transparent Seams: Upcycle Fashion!
Transparent Seams: Upcycle Fashion!

28 July – 6 August, Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 5pm. Workshop 30 July, Saturday 1 – 4pm.

Opening event:

Thursday 28 July 6 – 8pm. Closing: Saturday 6 August 5 – 7pm

Gaffa Gallery
Exhibtion free, workshop $10
Booking information:

Book now – limited to 12 people.


Kelly Elkin

02 9283 4273

Don’t throw out that ugly shirt, baggy jumper or ill-fitting skirt – simply upcycle it! Watch the design and production process as ALAS Design Company transforms disused clothing into completely new garments. The designers will turn armholes into necklines, necklines into bustles and shirts into skirts. A practical workshop coincides with the exhibition giving guests the tools to upcycle their favourite old t-shirt or any unwanted item from their wardrobe. These creative and fun solutions will have participants connecting with their clothing as they breathe new life and meaning into their old garments. This event is supported by ALAS Design Company and Janome.

EXHIBITORS: A.L.A.S Design Company

ALAS Design Company transforms disused clothing into completely new garments. Designer and Design NSW Travelling Scholarship 2011 finalist, Kelly Elkin, talks to the SD11 team on the opening night of the exhibition Transparent Seams: upcycle fashion! at Gaffa Gallery.

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