The Urban Interior: Visions For Taylor Square Bicycle Hub
The Urban Interior: Visions For Taylor Square Bicycle Hub

30 July – 14 August, 9am – 5pm daily

Opening event:

Wed 3 August 6pm

UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment Gallery
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Bookings not required


Holly Ferreira

02 9385 4800

The proposed Taylor Square Bicycle Hub in Darlinghurst is the centrepiece of the $76-million cycling network. This curated exhibition by interior architecture students showcases innovative ideas for the re-use of the building as a multipurpose facility for cycling, including management offices for cycle tours, workshops, sales, a hire centre and cafe. A key part of the project is the integration of the re-imagined interior with the external public square directly in front of the building. The exhibition comprises 2D architectural drawings and visualisations, and 3D physical and virtual architectural models. All part of City of Sydney’s Cycle Strategy which promotes cycling as a viable form of city transport.

EXHIBITORS: 4th Year Interior Architecture Students, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW

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