The Binocular Boot
The Binocular Boot

1 – 14 August, Sunday – Monday 11am – 5pm, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 6pm, Thursday 10am – 8.30pm

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1 August, Monday 6 – 8pm

Estate Of Mind Boutique
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Mindy Mcinnes

0414 786 814

The thigh-high boot of the 1960s has long been an iconic and racy replacement for a garter belt and stockings. Binocular Boot pays homage to the over-knee tradition with an exhibition about the ways in which the past echoes throughout the present, appearing in new forms of media with everlasting status. The exhibition features a collection of handmade shoes by St Looi Blues’ founder/designer Mindy McInnes, ranging from the headlining thigh-high boot to lace-up brogues and winklepickers. The ancient and artistic traditions of the cobbler is complemented by the use of screenprinted Lycra, recycling nostalgia through a contemporary medium. Each style displays the technical finesse of the handmade shoe while reflecting the technological advances of today’s design world and, most importantly, how these are almost always employed to acknowledge the images of the past.

EXHIBITOR: Mindy Mcinnes


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