6 – 7 August, Saturday – Sunday 11am – 6pm

Opening event:

Laneway barbecue, Saturday 6 August, 4 – 8pm

Tosh Lane, Zetland
Booking information:

Bookings not required


Ben Elbourne

0402 284 501

ReForm takes council clean-up day to a whole new level. Design collective thefortynine has scoured the quiet laneways of Sydney, collecting discarded material and transforming them into useful, beautiful and sometimes playful objects. This temporary installation investigates how we can re-use and re-value materials and objects. Australia fosters a creative DIY culture, but we rarely see this in action in urban areas. ReForm tries to encourage this culture by showing how notions of old and new are projected, and how easily an object can move from one to another.

EXHIBITORS:  thefortynine

Watch an interview with the designers from thefortynine at the launch of their Reform exhibition, as they talk to their work and discuss the concepts behind the collective.

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