Recent Past
Recent Past

6 – 14 August, daily 2 – 6pm

Opening event:

Friday 5 August 6-8pm

UTS Architecture, Kensington St Warehouse
Booking information:

Bookings not required


Jim Griffiths

02 9514 8053

A spatial intervention developed in collaboration with Interior and Spatial Design students (UTS) that documents and instantaneously projects the viewer’s experience of the recent past. The intervention works with other Sydney Design 2011 exhibitions, situating them as past events, in the moment of their creation in order to explore the proximity of what we call past.

EXHIBITORS: Foundations in Spatial Language, First Year Students, Interior and Spatial Design, UTS, Dr Sam Spurr, Course Co-Ordinator in collaboration with IEOOS.

Sydney Design events will be filmed by Powerhouse Museum staff and the content will be used by the Museum for promotion and this includes uploading into Powerhouse Museum accounts across a variety of third party platforms. If you do not wish to be filmed please inform the photographer/videographer at the time of the event.