Made To Measure: The Treadlie Handmade Bicycle Show
Made To Measure: The Treadlie Handmade Bicycle Show

Thursday 28 July 12 – 6pm, Friday 29 July 12 – 5pm (re-opening at 7 for opening night), Sat 30 July 12 – 6pm, Sun 31 July12 – 5pm

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Friday 29 July 7 – 10pm

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Free, bookings not required
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Bookings not required


Tamsin Oneill

0412 123 694

As the popularity of bike riding surges across Australia, more and more people are using bicycle design as an expression of their personal style. Outstanding craftsmanship and design are combined in this exhibition of custom-built bicycles from around the country. Designed by a group of invited bicycle builders, the bikes were selected for their aesthetics, artistry and creativity, and stories about the bikes and their builders accompany each exhibition. These handmade bikes have a quality and uniqueness that harks back to slower times.

Richard Birdsey, Sydney Cycle Chic’s Saskia Howard and Susan Goodwin talk about the SD11 theme, ‘Is old new again?’ at the preview of the handmade bicycle SD11 exhibition, Made To Measure.

Check out Treadlie’s website for more Treadlie info and click here for a video on Made To Measure at Melbourne’s Design festival, State of Design.

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