Machines For Drawing
Machines For Drawing

6 – 14 August, daily 2 – 6pm

Opening event:

5 August, Friday 6 – 8pm

UTS Architecture, Kensington St Warehouse
Booking information:

Bookings not required


Jim Griffiths

Did you know the wind can draw? This incredible display of analog drawing machines, mechanisms and designed systems were created by students in their second year of Interior and Spatial Design at UTS. The machines have been used to interrogate the area around Kensington Street in Chippendale, the site on which the exhibition takes place. They carefully document and represent a diverse selection of phenomena such as wind, rain, light, temperature, dust, smell and traffic flows. A series of wind-drawing machines are also installed for real-time production over the duration of the exhibition – an interaction between guests, the machines, the wind, the city and the site.

CURATORS: Tega Brain, Nadia Wagner

EXHIBITORS: Shannyn Brown, Kailtland Burrows, Shalyce Corney, Tahlia Heffernan, Yeunhee Kyoung, Giulia Mardaga, Katrina McMahon, Tsolair Nazarian, Victoria Norman, Alexandria Park, Caitlin Seymore-King, Alix Toufan

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