Love Lace – until April 2012
Love Lace – until April 2012

30 July 2011 – April 2012, daily 10am – 5pm

Powerhouse Museum
Free with Museum entry, bookings not required
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Bookings not required

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A disused farm truck revived by its impressive metal lace body, a sculpture of a female uterus made from delicately knitted human hair, a replica Ford motor engine created from thin crocheted steel. These are just some of the extraordinary works featured in the ground-breaking Love Lace exhibition. 130 works by 134 artists from 20 countries feature in the exhibition. The exhibition is drawn from finalists of the Powerhouse Museum’s third International Lace Award that ran in 2010 and attracted an outstanding field of 700 entries globally. Unconventional materials including human hair, horse hair, paper, metal, grass, echidna spines, copper wire and guitar strings have been used in traditional lace methods to create revolutionary works. Then there are the beautifully constructed textiles and artworks featuring materials from the natural environment, inspired by traditional cultures. These exquisite pieces feature the finest of lace techniques, including needle and bobbin lace, and are presented with a strong contemporary twist.

Visit the Love Lace site.

An exhibition visit is best enjoyed with the free mobile app for iPhone and Android. This app works as a companion exhibition catalogue in your pocket. Use the app to scan the QR codes on the labels in the galleries to explore each work and artist in more detail.

Winners announced! Congratulations to American sculptor, Anne Mondro, the winner of the third Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award, with Detroit’s Shadow, a life-sized crocheted reproduction of a 1916 Model N Ford engine in steel and copper wire.

The five category winners are:

Watch a behind the scenes interview with Love Lace curator Lindie Ward during the exhibition installation, talking about the installation process.

German artist Andrea Eimke takes a break from installing her work in the Love Lace exhibition to chat with the Sydney Design team.

LOVE LACE items in PHM Studio & Workshop: L4769/1 Artwork, ‘Lacey Lorrie’, truck / steel, by Ingrid Morley, Australia, 2010

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