21 July – 13 August, Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

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Thursday 21 July 6 – 8pm

The Paper Mill Gallery
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Sian McIntyre

There are things we know and things we know we don’t know. Focusing on the individual – within space and in relation to objects – this exhibition creates links between the physical and the intangible, between the body and what lies beyond. Known/Unknown exists in between the worlds of art and design, and explores the role of paper in traditional design methods. The artists take a multi-disciplinary approach to their creative practice while interpreting the science and logic in the chaos of the unknown.

CURATORS: Laura Pike and Alia Parker

EXHIBITORS: Kate Campbell, Anne-Louise Dadak, Lucy Hall, Talitha Klevjer, Alia Parker, Laura Pike, and Skye Wagner

Individually the artists talk about their work in the exhibition

Lucy Hall

Alia Parker

Anne-Louise Dadak

Laura Pike

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