Interpretations 3: Sand Casting
Interpretations 3: Sand Casting

9 August – 20 August, Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

Opening event:

Tuesday 9 August 6 – 8pm

Damien Minton Gallery
Booking information:

Bookings not required


Andrew Simpson

02 9699 7551

They’ve worked with glass. They’ve worked with sheet metal. Now it’s sand casting. Interpretations is a biennial event where Sydney designers work together and share ideas. With a particular theme or manufacturing process for each event, Interpretations 3 explores sand casting where designers cast their own moulds at a foundry and the results are exhibited here. This is an event by designers for designers which fosters creative collaboration.

EXHIBITORS: design by them, Trent Jansen, Liane Rossler, Andrew Simpson, Oliver Smith, Henry Wilson, Hugh Worthington

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