extreme density_Paris
extreme density_Paris

6 – 14 August, daily 2 – 6pm

Opening event:

Friday 5 August 6 – 8pm

UTS Architecture, Kensington St Warehouse
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Bookings not required



02 9514 8782

extreme density_Paris is an exhibition of prospective architecture exploring the question of extreme densification in Paris through the creation of a new stratum above the existing urban fabric. Specific formal processes are used for the formation and the morphological variations of this stratum according to spatial possibilities, future programmatic needs and the post-Kyoto agenda. As a consequence current urban regulations are challenged and the typical Parisian skyline has to be reinvented. extreme density_Paris is an architectural exhibition by Master students from the UTS School of Architecture under the direction of Frank Minnaërt.

CURATOR: Frank Minnaërt

EXHIBITORS: Cameron Burbidge, Tom Chan, Nora Hyasat, David Janson, Thomas Keeley-Reid, Sean Lacy, Dmitriy Lewicki, Shane Marshall, Anh Nguyen, Bon Scott, Christiane Whiteley

Frank Minnaërt takes a break from installing the extreme density_Paris exhibition to talk to Sydney Design about the project.

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