Designers Using Old Techniques In A Contemporary Context
Designers Using Old Techniques In A Contemporary Context

Monday 1 August 10am – 6pm until Sunday 14 August. Talk Wednesday 10 August 6pm

Exhibition Space Design Centre
Free, bookings not required
02 9394 5713

A limited palette from the 14th century marks the boundary of this unique exhibition. Interior and graphic design students explore spacial/information design that reflects the theme, Is Old New Again, using their methodology and design practice in a contemporary context. Meanwhile, a discussion panel debates the same theme. The panel has been selected from from the different practices featured throughout Design Centre Enmore, including graphic design, digital design, interior design, product design and jewellery design.

Curators: Enmore Talks, Graphic Design, Design Centre Enmore

EXHIBITORS: 2nd year Graphic Design and Interior Design Students from Design Centre Enmore.

SPEAKERS: Jonathan nix (Hand Animator), Cecilia Heffer (textiles designer), Michel Streich (Illustrator), Annalisa Capurro (Interior designer), Lisa Loxley (Founder of Paper convention collective)


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