Change 11: Sustainable Designs
Change 11: Sustainable Designs

1 – 142 August, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Opening event:

Wednesday 3 August 6:30pm

The Ark
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Cheryl Campbell

02 9979 7789

Rethink, repurpose, recycle and redesign are the four Rs at the centre of this exhibition. Whether it’s product development, architecture, fashion, graphic, interior, planning or landscape, the Society for Responsible Design (SRD) is committed to appropriate environmental change through social and practical means. SRD Change 11 showcases outstanding multidisciplinary university graduates’ design works from right across Australia. Exciting, fresh and innovative, the next generation of designers offer inspired new ideas for old problems, often converting traditional solutions to meet today’s challenges through a social, environmental and sustainable lens. The future is in good hands!

CURATOR: Greg Campbell, Society for Responsible Design Inc.

EXHIBITORS: Adi Firstman, Alice Truong, Amata Ho Ying Lo, Amandine Johnson, Anna Cahill, Anthony Papas, Asri Halis, Aya Kaneko, Balin Lee, Brenton Beggs, Chloe Comino, Chris Fisher, Christina Kim, Christopher Anderson, Clare Dunlop, Dallas Gillespie, Dylan McIntyre, Florian Kaiser, Gopi Donda, Kalyan Basetty, Kate Stanistreet, Laura Poole, Lily Tandeani, Mark McLoughlin, Michael O’Brien, Philip Lim, Phillip Brien, Rebecca Lawrence, Rebecca Donoghue, Rhys Tucker, Sam Cowley, Yana Mokmargana