The Waking Heart
The Waking Heart

30 July – 14 August

Opening event:

Friday 29 July

Powerhouse Museum
Free with general admission
0414 530 627

The Waking Heart machine is a fantabulous robotic device that creates an evolving map of the user community’s ever-changing emotional state. The output is penned automatically onto a large continuous paper roll for your perusal. Users access the Phillipa Finch website and iPhone application where they are invited to create a Heartwork. This visual representation of emotion is produced by answering a series of whimsical questions and by recording sound and movement. Each unique Heartwork is sent direct to The Waking Heart machine where it is processed and drawn. The activity of the machine is captured on a live video stream ( so those who are unable to visit in person can watch in real time as their creations are sketched into existence.

The Waking Heart machine was born from the ABC TV series the Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch

EXHIBITORS:  Simon Jankelson, David Kaldor, Arash Katrak

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