The Story Of Chippendale: From Boozers To Caffeine Users
The Story Of Chippendale: From Boozers To Caffeine Users

Saturday 6 August 10am – 5pm

Allen Jack+Cottier Architects
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Nic Bailey

02 9311 8222

Discover the changing character of Chippendale – from its industrial, beer-swilling and often sordid past to its most recent incarnation as the haunt of cappuccino-sipping creative types. Allen Jack+Cottier Architects, with GPR Design and Smith Design, has created an installation in its Chippendale offices, using found objects, recycled materials and reverse garbage. This event examines the ways in which the old fabric of the built environment in Chippendale has influenced and given shape to the quirky and continuously evolving community it houses today. Discover how the suburb has changed – for example, coffee has now overtaken beer as the dominant beverage in Chippendale.

EXHIBITORS: Allen Jack+Cottier Architects,  GPR Design and Smith Design Studio

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