Andrew Ashton – designer in flux
Andrew Ashton – designer in flux

Monday 1 August 6:15 for 6:30pm

Australian Museum - Theatre
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Anita Lyons and Mark Gowing

02 9975 4008

Andrew Ashton is a designer in flux, up-side-down, and a long ways from the end. While traversing from point A to B, Ashton is trying to add more to the creative process than edgy typeface choices, using people in the know and excellence computer operation skills. Amongst other things Ashton’s invented a paper stock called Stephen and explores the meaning of creativity to the average Australian. Ashton resides at Melbourne’s Studio Pip and Co. where he is kept on a tight leash for high paying design communication projects for leading clients in the cultural, government and commercial sectors. Ashton is fixated with America’s can do culture, avoiding google searches and being a miserable Richmond Tigers supporter.Exploring design practice, Ashton has put together a dialogue which investigates change, freedom, curiosity, along with other tall stories, pictures of design outcomes, half baked manifestos, tales of excess and assorted heady exaggerations.





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