Is Old New Again?

We are living in a world where change is so rapid that our notions of ‘normal’ are constantly shifting. In all areas of design – such as product design, architecture, fashion and graphic design, practitioners everywhere are mining tradition and marrying cutting edge technology with an artisanal and human sensibility. You can see it in media, food, popular culture and the arts but nowhere is this more pronounced than in the world of design. Consumers want to connect with makers and growers and hear the voice of the average person. Don’t be mistaken, this is not about nostalgia – it’s a collision between design, tradition, innovation, heritage and experimentation. In lace, for example, practitioners are employing a radical reworking of traditional craft using cutting edge technology and materials – exploding preconceived ideas and stereotypes. Designers everywhere are reworking, recycling, and reconfiguring everything about the way we think, behave, create and consume design. At the core of this is a craving felt by designers and consumers for sincerity, honesty and fairness. Is the past offering a new starting point?

Sydney Design is an annual event produced by the Powerhouse Museum in association with more than 60 cultural institutions, organisations and individuals. With over 100 events, the program includes inspiring exhibitions, workshops, master classes, talks, installations and tours – unpacking design, connecting people and creating meaningful dialogue around design issues.

Sydney Design would not be possible without a large team of people across the Museum and without the enthusiasm and passion of the Sydney design community.

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Sydney Design team
Design and concept by Toko